EDL splinter groups, an antifa’s guide.

Since Tommy Robinson left the EDL the group is leaderless and has become fractured, leading to the emergence of numerous smaller fascist groups all over Britain. These groups are usually regionally orientated and due to their lower profile they are able to be even more overtly racist than the EDL. But who are these groups? Who are their leaders? And how can we stop them? Below is a profile of some of the most well known groups, followed by a complete list of all the splinter groups I know of to date.


The Infidels of Britain are one the best known EDL splinter groups, dedicated to similar anti-Islam rhetoric but less coy about their links to the racist far right. The organisation has 2 major factions, the North East infidels and the North West infidels. The North West faction is run by John ‘snowy’ Shaw, a man well known to antifa’s as a particularly vile specimen. He is backed up by another notorious fascist, snowy’s good mate Shane Calvert aka ‘diddyman’. Amongst the notable members of the the 2 infidels factions are the moronic Liam Pinkham and Shane Martin, a charming character, who was jailed for threatening members of hospital staff. The North West infidels will be attempting to spread their hate in Oldham on February 14th.


The South East alliance are a carbon copy of the EDL, just on a smaller scale, led by ‘Paul Pitt’ real name Paul Prodromou (he doesn’t use¬†his real name for fear of being seen as a foreigner) a man with a long history of violence towards minorities. Other notable members include Kevin Layzell who ran for election as a BNP candidate and Mick Wittman, a nasty old man who ran with the NF for many years. These fascists are trying to branch out from their south east base recently, planning a demo on March 7. This is actually being done because the home office have banned the EDL from returning to Rotherham after 8 demo’s in the past 2 years, so the South East alliance are going instead. Different name, same bullshit.


The English volunteer force was formed at the end of 2012 and are always seen at EDL national demo’s. Founded by Nazi John Sheridan, the group states that it ‘stands against militant Islam, against republican terror, against the extreme left.’ They also state that ‘militancy is embedded in Islam, therefore Islam must be eradicated from the UK’. Another notable member of the English volunteer force is Timmy Hoban, an evil fascist known particularly for his love of knives. Especially on marches.


Casuals united are a fascist group that sprang from both the EDL and also from British football hooligan ‘firms’. The group describes itself as ‘uniting the UK’s football tribes against the jihadists’. The group is organised around several British football teams hooligans and is led by Jeff Marsh of Barry, South Wales. Due to their membership consisting of violent football fans Casuals United are a particularly violent group and should be treated as such. They do not demonstrate to spread their fascist message, they demonstrate to fight.


Formed in 2007 this is one of the oldest groups to have broken away from the EDL. As the name suggests the groups main focus is organising marches, these range from celebrations of St George’s day to anti EU demo’s and counter demo’s at Islamist events. March for England are not actually friendly with the EDL any more, with leader Dave Smeeton in particular publicly criticising the EDL. However they do show strong support for other EDL splinter groups, especially casuals united.


  • English Defence Union
  • United British Patriots
  • East Anglican Patriots
  • Scunthorpe and North Lincs Patriots
  • English Volunteer Force
  • Scottish Volunteer Force
  • Scottish Defence League
  • Welsh Defence League
  • The Valleys Frontline
  • South East Alliance
  • Casuals United
  • Northern Casuals
  • March For England
  • Infidels of Britain
  • North East Infidels
  • North West Infidels
  • Liverpool ‘Scouse’ Nationalists
  • British Patriots Society
  • British Counter Homeland Offensive
  • Anti-Sharia Alliance
  • National English Unity

These groups are now becoming more numerous and scattered across the country therefore keeping track of them nationally is becoming difficult. Some people see the splinter groups as a sign that the EDL is finished and that we are beating them back. Others feel that they are in fact more dangerous than ever now they are scattered across the UK in locally organized groups. I suspect that both are true. What we must do now is to take these splinter groups on on the streets, their numbers are small, we can stop them. Local anti-fascist groups should mobilise against their local splinter groups and smash them before they manage to get a foothold. And when the EDL call a national demo and all these groups unite for the day we must do likewise and mobilise antifa’s from all over Britain to ensure that we outnumber them every time. If we can all do this we can accelerate the decline of the EDL, then all that remains will be to put and end to these small splinter groups in our local areas. We are winning the fight against fascism in Britain, now lets end it once and for all!



4 thoughts on “EDL splinter groups, an antifa’s guide.

    1. Thanks for that, I’ve had dealings with the ‘Welsh defence league’ up in Rotherham but not with this group in either of these guises. I will add them to the list now. If anyone else knows of a group I have missed please leave a comment like this so I can add it to the list.


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