Stand up to UKIP!

With just a few weeks to go until the general election UKIP are still polling around 18% and are in the media daily. This group of ex tories, bankers and racists have seen phenomenal growth in support with their own aggressive brand of right wing rhetoric. But who are the people that are supporting UKIP, and what effect has their increase in air time had on the nation?

This week Nigel Farage was seen in the media complaining about the audience at the leaders debate being too left wing, a sentiment that is often echoed by UKIP on all levels. They use the term ‘left wing’ in a derogatory fashion, sometimes in quite aggressive terms, this is a central part of their party rhetoric. Well also this week a UKIP supporter was arrested after he took up arms and shot at 2 labour canvassers going door to door on his street in Rotherham, whilst chanting UKIP, UKIP, UKIP… This disgusting incident is frankly a hate crime and is not a coincidence, nor is it the only time that dangerous right wing extremists have looked upon UKIP as an inspiration. The fascist political party Britain First have recently been quoted urging their supporters to vote UKIP instead of voting for them as they apparently see themselves and UKIP as being part of the same movement. Britain First see themselves as the military branch in their perceived nationalist race war, with UKIP being the “political arm of the movement.”  And even this is not an isolated incident, with the fascist, racist and violent street protest group the EDL (and all their splinter groups) now regularly heard chanting UKIP on their marches. Now for a party that says its not racist, or even right wing for that matter (HA!), to be inspiring such hatred towards others based on their religion, skin colour and political beliefs there is clearly something wrong. And it is clear for all to see that what is wrong is the message UKIP are putting out, it is inspiring nazis, bigots and idiots to carry out hate crimes. And we as a nation cannot stand for that!

So I say to you, my fellow Britons, we need to stand up to UKIP! Now! Before its too late. As citizens in a supposedly free society we should not have to risk being attacked on the streets by bigots for our race, religion, sexual preference or political beliefs. And furthermore we should not tolerate a party like UKIP inspiring these narrow minded groups and individuals. We need to work together as a society to crush these bigots once and for all, socialists, liberals, anarchists, trade unionists, anti fascists and community campaigners together. We cannot let UKIP continue to gain influence and prevalence through more council seats and MP’s. So what can we do? We can do many things, some small, some large, but all valuable. For a start we all need to organise and attend large anti UKIP protests in all their target areas! If they are campaigning in your town or city centre then don’t simply walk past and ignore them, confront them about their rhetoric of hate and make them squirm in public! Or go to their election shops and ask them the awkward questions they can’t handle for the same confrontation! Canvass your area, not for any one party, just against UKIP! If you see a UKIP poster or billboard, graffiti it or rip it down! If you see Nigel Farage or Mark Reckless or any other high profile UKIP member canvassing near you, egg them! Take whatever action you feel is appropriate and that you are comfortable with, every single little thing helps. Just don’t sit back and do nothing… We need to stop them before its too late.

anti ukip


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