Welcome to Tory Britain! Parliament hasn’t even opened yet and already half the country is pissed off, and I’m not surprised. Only 24% of you voted for them, three quarters of the population don’t want this. Yet now the Tories have free licence to plough ahead with their ideological austerity measures which amount to nothing more than class war. So much for living in a democracy…

What we know already.

Just a week after the election and the details of this governments intentions are becoming clearer. We now now that benefit claimants (including the disabled and low waged) face cuts amounting to £12 billion to the welfare system. We know that 1 million more vulnerable people (many elderly and disabled) face the bedroom tax as it is extended. Students and young people know that their youth mental health services face being decimated by cuts amounting to a quarter of their already paltry budget. University’s, colleges and schools in house mental health services, upon which so many rely, face becoming a thing of the past. Students also rightly fear increased tuition fees after it was reported £11,500 per year is believed to be under consideration by David Cameron. And we all face the threat of the repealing of the human rights act. The last 5 years have been bad, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

What can we do?

As I’ve already said, the majority didn’t vote for this. So what can we do? We have to FIGHTBACK! There are demonstrations popping up all around the country, I’m sure you all saw the 4000 on the streets of Bristol. Sheffield also saw 700+ in the same week demonstrate against austerity and Manchester is expecting up to 5000 on Saturday the 23rd. Then on the 30th Nottingham are hoping for 1000+ to take to the streets. And on June 20th 10’s of thousands will take to the streets of London to demand an end to austerity at the peoples assembly demo. These are just a few of the larger demo’s that I know of mentioned here and smaller demos in towns and cities everywhere are happening too so keep an eye out and get involved! The only way to overthrow a government is to make ourselves ungovernable, we need to make it clear to this government from the start that we are not going to roll over. We need to show them that we will fight them from the off and that we intend to win. Labour offers no real opposition any more, they’re just Tories themselves now leaving the working class with out a voice. The only real opposition is the opposition we build ourselves and that is exactly what we must do. We must protest, occupy, agitate and fight. Direct action is the only way forward now and we must all get involved. Actions are being organised everywhere, all we need to do is support them en mass. The Tories have no mandate to govern, so lets show the we won’t be governed! Let’s fightback!!

no war but the class war


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