Red and Black Britain is an anarchist page dedicated to intelligent far left analysis of political issues in the UK today, as well as anti fascist action and anarchist interests and humour.



anarchy symbol

The main page focuses on all manner of issues facing Britain today. As well as trying to assess causes for, and provide information relating too, each issue tackled in an article here I will also always offer solutions and courses of action. Anarchists do not believe in merely talking about the problems of the day, we believe in trying to solve them! Direct action is the way forward.



anti fascist

An essential for all antifa’s. This page will provide details of all upcoming fascist marches and demonstrations In Britain as and when I hear about them. If you know of a fascist demo that I have missed on here then please leave a comment and I will add it to the diary.




Images of the wittiest, funniest, and best anarchist graffiti I could find in Britain. I will keep my eyes peeled and keep adding to this page all the time, so keep checking!



The best anarchist memes and jokes out there, all here for your amusement. Also here are original cartoons and artworks by our own satirical artist Paris Marshall. This page will be updated regularly, so keep checking for new content.


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