Legalise cannabis now!

Cannabis legalisation is currently sweeping across america with either personal or medical use now legal in over 20 states and rising. With the recent news that TEXAS, the most right wing state in the most right wing country in the world, is about to join the bandwagon it has now become more apparent than ever that we are moving towards global decriminalisation of cannabis. But why is the UK lagging so far behind our American cousins, and indeed the rest of the world in reforming its drug laws?

It is not just the USA who have reformed their drug laws in recent years, Portugal has decriminalised the personal possession of all drugs,leading to a massive drop in crime and also causing a huge dip in hard drug usage. Cannabis is also decriminalised in Argentina, Brazil, Australia (some states), Canada, Czech republic etc etc. this list goes on and on, you may have noticed I have only given ABC from the list of decriminalised states. And I have not even mentioned the Netherlands here, that is how many places are now tolerant of cannabis use, I don’t even need to use that example to make this point.

For years the argument against cannabis was that it caused mental health problems, this has now been conclusively disproved with studies showing that THC (main active ingredient in cannabis) is only likely to trigger mental health issues in people who are genetically predisposed to mental health problems. And further to this CBD (secondary active ingredient in cannabis) is now being used as a treatment for schizophrenia. The old adage that cannabis causes lower intelligence has also now been examined and proved incorrect with a 35 year study in the US finding that cannabis can indeed slow the development of a young brain, but not a developed one. People who began smoking cannabis before the age of 21 were found to have lost IQ points up to a maximum of 6, however in people who started smoking it after the age of 21 there was found to be no effect on IQ whatsoever.

In the UK 25% of adults have smoked cannabis at some point in their life and amongst 16-25 year olds more than that percentage actually smoke it on a regular basis. This is a staggeringly high number and obviously raises questions as to whether the law on cannabis is fit for purpose, if that many people are prepared to break a law can they all really be wrong? Of course not. Its like doing 80 mph on the motorway, its technically illegal, but such a proportion of people do it that its clearly the law that is unfit. After all laws are made by governments and those governments are nothing more than our elected voice, so if the people want to smoke cannabis… Bloody well change the laws and let them do it!!!!

But given the current government and the unlikelihood of a change having any impact on the ignorance toward drug law reform in the UK, legalisation is at present unlikely. So, we must apply some pressure! Take out a can of spray paint and have your say wherever you see fit, organise a demonstration or take a leaf from the book of ‘feed the birds’ and plant cannabis plants in cities around the country (if you plant males this is not breaking any drug laws). Anything you feel will bring attention to the fight for legalisation, go out and do it! The majority of the general public would support legalisation, they just wont fight for it.



2015, year of the revolution?

In the early years of the con-dem government public anger was rife and the fightback against the capitalist austerity program was visible and aggressive. There were riots in 2010 when the G20 summit was held in London, there were student riots also in the early part of the decade, increased poverty in a consumerist society played a major role in the 2012 riots and the public sector strikes were frequent. But since then the anger has subsided, the protests have decreased in size and regularity and people have begun to accept the status quo. But with the general election on the horizon and with considerable doubt surrounding its outcome could 2015 be the year that triggers the mass civil unrest that has been boiling under the surface for years now? With numerous possible outcomes to next years election what are the possibilities and what could they each mean for Britain?

Tory majority 

I feel it is unlikely the tories will achieve a majority large enough to govern alone in 2015, however it is not impossible. And if they do achieve a majority government, freed from their coalition with the lib-dems the tories will be free to pursue a total ideological austerity program of tax rises and spending cuts that could make the past 5 years look soft. They will claim it is all in the name of deficit reduction, while those educated enough to question this will know a deficit is often beneficiary economically if investment is made in the right places, such as infrastructure. This is keynesian economics and it works. The post war Attlee government ran up a deficit 3 times larger than our current one by building houses, roads, creating the NHS and nationalising major industries. However, contrary to the tory taglines this was not a bad thing. The economic benefits of such investments actually meant that the debt was paid off rapidly, and that the original investments generated 3 times more money for the economy than they cost in the first place. Knowing all this and knowing that the austerity program is just a way of making the poor pay for the crisis of the rich, the trade unions are unlikely to stand for this. A tory majority in 2015 could well lead to mass public sector strikes and possibly even the first general strike since 1922.

Tory – UKIP coalition

If UKIP manage to claim 10+ seats in 2015 and the tories fail to win an overall majority then a coalition is likely as both the tories and lib-dems have ruled out a repeat of the current con-dem coalition. In this scenario all that is said above still applies, UKIP will support and even encourage a stringent austerity program. After all Nigel Farage said after the 2013 budget “The cuts are not going far enough. They need to be deeper. faster and nothing should be ring fenced.” But in addition to the tory program UKIP will insist on making immigration a priority and will certainly ramp up the anti-immigrant rhetoric in preparation for the 2017 EU referendum. This will harden the unions resolve to fight of course but it will also give confidence to fascist groups like the EDL and Britain first, leading to inevitable clashes on the street with anti-fascist campaigners and trade unionists. Their presence in whitehall will also infuriate the far left and will almost certainly lead to an increase in anti-establishment protests, which given the brutal policing associated with these events could lead to a riot in any area at any given time. All in all this possible coalition terrifies many of the radical minded left in Britain and if it comes to pass I predict it will at some point lead to civil unrest as the radicals will not take what will be seen as a far right government lying down. They will be forced to fight back.

Labour majority

If the labour party somehow manage to obtain a controlling majority in 2015 they will almost certainly attempt to ‘out tory the tories’ in an attempt to appear economically competent. They have already said they will stick to the con-dems spending plans for the first year. This will mean the unthinkable, austerity forced on us by a party funded by the unions… This will be a huge insult to the unions themselves and also to all those who have voted labour expecting a change and it will cause a backlash. With plans already in place for labour to divorce the unions, should they find themselves in power and making brutal spending cuts they will face and open war. The unions will fight them harder than they would the tories and mass strikes will be unavoidable. And should the economy take a nose dive the public will be instant in their condemnation of labour and widespread anger will spring up overnight. If labour were to lead us back into recession there will be uproar, and quite possibly even severe riots aimed at overthrowing them. This is a worst case scenario, but I believe one that is entirely possible.

Rainbow coalition

In the likely event of a hung parliament all major parties will be looking to form coalitions and having already ruled out working with the disgraced lib-dems (assuming the lib-dems still have any MP’s in 2015) labours only real option would be a coalition with the SNP, who look set to take a majority of Scottish seats. However this is unlikely to provide enough MP’s for an overall majority so other smaller parties such as the greens and pliad cymru of Wales may be drawn in to make up the numbers. This theoretically looks like the most left wing government that is possible in 2015 and should it occur it will come under heavy fire from the off from the media. All that is stated above about a majority labour government still applies in this situation but with the added complication that their coalition partners too would oppose the austerity plans. This combined with media pressure from the right could well lead  to a chaotic and incoherent government that will be under pressure from day 1. And again, as above, if the economy falls off a cliff the trouble will start. And with no strong leadership this coalition could well crumble leading to fresh elections. And should all this occur, if the country is left in recession and without a solid government civil unrest will grow exponentially and riots and strikes could be only the beginning.


Each of these scenarios has the potential to bring our country to its knees, but they also all have the potential to bring it back onto its feet and back onto the streets. None of the main parties represent the true needs of the working class and out of this injustice public anger grows. Whoever is in power come May 2015, all it will take to set off the powder keg of suppressed rage in Britain is one screw up too many. We as citizens no longer have rights, all we are given in life is a voice and a vote. We must use both for the greatest good we can. But when our voice and especially our vote can no longer change anything we have no alternative but to fight back. And the next government would do well to realise that, because soon it will be too late.

anarchy symbol

Corruption and brutality, the story of police

In the wake of the Mike Brown scandal in the USA anti establishment protests aimed at the police have spread first across America and then across the globe. But is it really surprising that a police officer would shot down an unarmed man in the street? There have been hundreds of cases of murder and severe brutality by the police all over the world, here I will look at just a few of the worst cases in Britain and try to answer why these crimes against society keep occurring.

Mark Duggan

In August 2011 the Metropolitan police shot and killed Mark Duggan while attempting to arrest him, claiming they believed he was in possession of a handgun. This turned out to be untrue, Mr Duggan had in fact thrown the gun away before police had opened fire and had only been in possession of the weapon for around 10 minutes. (edit;) And in fact many witnesses and the family of Mark Duggan maintain that he had never been in possession of the weapon and that the police actually planted the gun after the shooting. (see comment below from Carole Duggan, aunt of Mark) Despite never having seen the weapon and being under no threat, the police shot him dead. This led to days of rioting that started in London and then spread around the UK, during that time several innocent citizens caught up in the trouble were also violently assaulted by the police. One such man was an innocent tourist struck over the head while trying to find a tube station, the video of this attack sparked rage across the country.

Ian Tomlinson

In April 2009 Ian Tomlinson was walking home from work during the G20 riots. On his way he inadvertently wandered into the area of the riots and while trying to find his way out he was struck by a metropolitan police officer. This was despite the fact that he had committed no crime and played no part in the riots, Ian was merely an innocent bystander. He collapsed and died on the street shortly afterwards due to the injuries caused by the officers truncheon blow. The entire event was captured on video and this video caused national outrage. Despite an inquest ruling that he had been unlawfully killed, the officer responsible was found not guilty of manslaughter.


During the 1984 miners strike South Yorkshire police engaged in a brutal battle with striking miners at the Orgreave coking plant. The trouble started when the police deployed huge numbers of mounted officers to disperse a peaceful picket line, the miners understandably defended themselves by throwing bottles and bricks in an attempt to stop the police onslaught. After a continued attack by mounted officers the miners had sustained numerous casualties and retreated into the nearby town of catcliffe, it was here whilst tending to their injured and eating their lunches that the police rode into the town and battered the placid miners with truncheons. This occurred nowhere near the picket line and while the miners posed no threat to anyone, they were totally innocent victims of one of the most brutal mass assaults this country has ever seen. And this was at the hands of the police, men who’s wages were paid by their taxes.

Jean Charles de Menezes

In July 2005 the London Metropolitan police shot dead Brazilian student Jean Charles de Menezes for jumping a London underground turnstile when asked to stop by police fearing he was a terrorist. He was not a terrorist, not even a minor criminal, he was just a student. His crime? He had overstayed his student visa… And just for his split second panicked decision to run rather than speak to police he was gunned down, unarmed and in broad daylight. Despite widespread anger and condemnation of their actions the metropolitan police continue to defend their actions to this day, claiming they were just trying to protect people. Well they certainly failed there, who was protecting this poor student when the police decided to end his life? Nobody…

The cases I have mentioned here are just a sample of the worst from the 1000’s that have occurred but they clearly illustrate the problem. The police in Britain (and around the world) are abusing their power to assault, injure, and even murder the citizens they are charged to protect. Why does this keep happening? Simply, because they can get away with it… The officers concerned with events like this never face criminal charges for their actions, much like the officer in the Mike Brown case which has caused such widespread anger. While ever police officers continue to be above the law themselves they cannot be expected to uphold the law. Besides that, the fact that the main role of police is to protect the interest of the ruling classes (to stop petty crimes such as theft) only exasperates this situation, making the police forget their own class allegiances and look down on vast swathes of the population they are supposed to protect. The problem is clear, we cannot continue to give any man such power over his fellow man. If murder is murder, we cannot sanction it just because the perpetrator is a police officer. Assault is assault, regardless of who carries it out. If we must have a law, those enforcing it cannot continue to be above it. And what is clearest of all is that our authorities cannot continue to have the power to end our lives. That is something that violates every human right that we no longer have. police_brutality

What is Britain First?

You will all more than likely have seen a Britain First post on facebook at some point, but who and what are they? Where have they come from? And what are their intentions?  I will here attempt to answer all these questions surrounding this new social media driven political party and suggest how they can be defeated.


As I have just mentioned Britain First are a political party, more specifically they are a far right party that formed as an offshoot of the British National Party (BNP). The founder of Britain First, Jim Dowson and his supporters (including current leader Paul Golding) broke away from the BNP, after an internal argument in which they accused the BNP of being too moderate for agreeing to comply with court rulings forcing them to accept members of all races into the party. They demanded the party stuck to its origins as a solely white British group, a demand that the party leadership refused to indulge for fear of prosecution. Following this those who wanted to move the party further to the right and remain ‘racially pure’ left to set up their own project in that vein, this project became Britain First. They First came to the attention of the public in early 2014 with their ‘Christian patrols’, which were little more than a pathetic excuse for them to harass Muslims whilst dressed in military style clothing. They also gained publicity for entering a mosque and throwing bibles at the congregation during prayers.


Britain First is as I have already stated a radically far right party so as you would expect their policy focuses entirely on anti-immigration/anti-Islamic rhetoric, much like the BNP. However, unlike the BNP Britain First describe themselves as a ‘paramilitary’ group and see the best way to spread their message of hate as being through a mixture of street protests and electoral participation. In this sense they are similar to the 1980’s National Front. They are obsessed with the military and are overtly racist, put simply they are fascists.

Online campaigns

Britain First run most of their campaigns on facebook, a number of which have been highly controversial. They received widespread condemnation for their use of the image of murdered Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby, with his family demanding that they stopped desecrating his image by associating it with themselves and a racist ideology that Lee himself did not support. Another controversy surrounds their funding streams as the party share images such as abused animals and request donations to stop such things, leading to people unknowingly donating to a fascist political party instead of an animal charity. They have also received criticism for the misuse of the remembrance poppy image and support our troops propaganda for their own fundraising purposes. Put simply there are no depths these people will not sink too in an attempt to fund their bullshit racial war. They intentionally use images such as the ones mentioned here because the vast majority of people would agree with them, this means they will like and share Britain Firsts page without realising they are supporting a fascist group. This gives them a much larger audience to spread their racist propaganda too than they would ordinarily have. Their page is the fastest growing political page on facebook in the UK today with over 400,000 followers.

On the streets

Their numbers on the streets are in stark contrast to their support online, with several of their attempted demonstrations ending in humiliation at the hands of anti-fascist protesters. On a good day they can only muster 100 odd supporters from a national call out, with the majority of their attempts only managing to draw in 10’s of people. On the streets the pose no major threat at the minute due to this lack of numbers and frankly the more attempts they make that end in humiliation the more ridiculous they make themselves look.

How to defeat them

I see this as a fairly simple process, with a combined effort we can all put an end to this idiotic group of fascists. Firstly tackle them online, they rely massively on their facebook page to remain in the public conciousness. Many people share their propaganda without realising what it really is, if you see one of your friends has shared something from their page just comment on it telling them that this seemingly innocent picture is in fact Nazi propaganda and urge them to remove it. Alongside this we all need to oppose them when they take to the streets, their numbers are so small that they can easily be blocked from marching, as happened twice in the Rochester and Strood by-election campaign. Alternatively they can be kettled to the same effect, the police numbers at their demonstrations are so low that anti-fascists can easily take any course of action they wish too against them. If they continue to be so comprehensively publicly humiliated their support will rapidly dissipate and they will become just another insignificant far right party forgotten by the majority in society, just like the National Front and the BNP. After this any hardcore fascist dreg’s that remain can be dealt with easily by antifa’s if ever they dare to try and take to the streets again. We all have a duty to fight fascism, and a nasty little group like Britain First can be smashed easily with little more than a coordinated effort. So lets do it Britain!

anti fascist

How to fight the EDL

The English defence league have been around for a few years now and are the most well known and easily recognised fascist group in the UK today, they are also by a distance the largest and most active. Areas like Rotherham have seen marches as frequently as every 6 weeks, some with over 1000 in attendance. They are an extremely violent group who focus mainly on attacking and intimidating the Muslim community in Britain, although if there are no immigrants around they will happily fight with anti-fascist groups, the police and if all else fails, each other. They have caused 10’s of thousands of pounds worth of damage to businesses in areas they have visited and the total bill to the taxpayer for policing their demonstrations is 10’s of millions.

The Youth

As I have already mentioned the EDL are the largest fascist group in the UK today. This is in part because unlike others they are able to mobilise great numbers to national demonstrations, mainly because they are able to draw in young disillusioned white working class males whom it may not be accurate to describe as fully fledged fascists. Many are simply uneducated working class youths seeking acceptance and a day of drinking and violence to distract them from their miserable lives. I start by addressing this group within the EDL because I feel they need to be dealt with in a different way to the more seasoned hardcore Nazi’s within the group. These youths often know very little about what the EDL really are and are merely taken in by their propaganda and visible presence, they are angry at their lot in life and the obvious corruption within society today and go to the EDL marches as they see them as the only people taking visible action. The type of action, however abhorrent, does not concern them they just feel the need to display their anger at society in any way possible. I would dare to say that 90% of these youths will not harbour their current views by the time they are 30 and on that basis I feel that if possible the best course of action to take with them is education. Leaflet colleges, sixth forms and town centres with anti-fascist literature, the schools won’t educate the youth so we must do it ourselves. Once they come to understand that the EDL is little more than a reincarnation of the German Nazi’s they will quickly distance themselves from the movement.

On The Streets

As Trotsky said “The first course of action to take with any fascist should be to try and educate him, however when education fails it is time to introduce his face to the pavement!” And that put simply is how we should deal with the majority of the EDL, the question is how to do so when the police presence at their marches is often greater than that of the EDL and anti-fascist groups combined? That is a tricky question, but there are a few answers. First and foremost, MOBILISE! When the EDL gather we need all anti-fascists of all creeds to take to the streets and work together, trade unionists and anarchists need to be on the same team on this issue. At present most counter demonstrations are organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) who are an organisation backed by the unions, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the Socialist Party and even Labour, the problem with this is that they are an extremely moderate group who will not (for the most part) support direct action for the sake of being inclusive. However this stops the anarchist groups like the Anti-fascist network (AFN) and anti-fascist action from confronting the EDL head on due to the new protest control powers granted to police allowing them to keep all protesters to designated areas and march routes. The solution is simple, don’t co-operate with the police! The orders they use to threaten protesters with arrest have no power if the police have not been forewarned that a protest will take place. Organise a demonstration on the EDL march route and simply take control of the situation. Block their march, occupy the area the want for their demo or if possible kettle the fascists. These are all peaceful and legal protest tactics that are 100x more effective than the UAF’s ‘multi-cultural demonstrations’ and ‘unity vigils’ that do nothing to actually stop the fascists. Any one of these approaches would not merely defeat the fascists on the day, it would send them into a violent rage giving the anarchist groups and the more radical minded in general the opportunity to give the Nazi scum the kicking they deserve while the moderates can fall back to a peaceful solidarity demonstration. The only solution to the violence of the EDL is to beat them at their own game, we will achieve nothing by waving banners at them through the barriers and police cordons. It hasn’t worked so far and it never will, it’s time for direct action, it’s time the UAF realised this and either changed their approach or left it to those who are actually willing to do what is required to organise the fightback.


Another course of action is to take the fight to them online, as the anonymous opKKK showed, this can be very effective. This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly for the more technologically minded antifa’s there is the anonymous favourite of denial of service attacks aimed at their websites and message boards. The benefits of this are obvious, it takes them out of the public sphere for a short time and generates publicity for anti-fascism that benefits us all. The second option is much more simple, get their membership list and post it online! This can be done in 2 ways, by simply taking it from their facebook groups, or by hacking their sites. In either scenario once you have a list of EDL supporters and members just post it far and wide online. Add as much info about each individual as possible, home town, place of work, anything that you can find. Most of this info is on facebook, if your willing to spend some time on a project like this you could create a comprehensive portfolio of UK fascists that is publicly available. Finally the most simple thing anyone can do, oppose the EDL and support antifa’s. Go on the EDL web pages and tell them what they are, constantly! Make it so that no teenager who wanders there will do so without seeing 10 people calling them Nazi’s, the discouraging effect of this is obvious. Along with this help raise awareness, ‘like’, ‘follow’ or join anti-fascist pages and publicise their demonstrations, press releases and events. The more people do this the more people will see it, and more people will take to the streets to oppose the EDL when they take their hatred to towns and cities across Britain.

The EDL are a group in decline, their leader has walked away and the group has become fractured and disorganised. Where they used to mobilise 1000+ at national marches they now struggle to pull a few hundred. In their home town of Luton in Nov 2014 they managed just 300 odd people from their national call out. Their are cracking, due mainly to the tireless work of antifa’s around the country. We have them on the ropes, now its time to finish them off! Once and for all…


The rise of UKIP, the truth

We are all well aware that UKIP have come to prominence in British politics recently, with their victory in the 2014 European elections followed by the election of Tory defector Douglas Carswell in clacton and now also followed by the election of fellow former Conservative MP Mark Reckless in Rochester and Strood. But what lies behind the populist mask? Beyond withdrawal from the EU and their anti immigration rhetoric, what do they actually want?

Lets start with the basics, they are a far right party that can best be described as hardcore Tories or the BNP lite as they sit somewhere between the 2 on the political spectrum. The majority of their membership comprises of former Tories, some defected, many disgraced. This old school Conservative link does not end simply within its membership either, 90% of their financial backers used to donate to the Tories before switching allegiance to UKIP too. Their actual policies beyond EU withdrawal, and their opposition to immigration and gay marriage, are very thin on the ground with many nothing more than populist sound bites such as “save our pubs” followed up by no information or policy. Generally speaking if there’s a bandwagon knocking around you can guarantee UKIP will be on it, the way they exploited the sexual abuse of 1400 young girls in Rotherham to political ends to gain 10 councillors there being the most appalling example of this. However what it is possible to see is that their real objective is to forge an ultra conservative state of privatised public services and big business. All their talk of being a “party for the common man” is complete nonsense. This is a party that calls the coalition governments crippling austerity measures “to soft” at a time when unemployment, poverty and suicides are at record levels. UKIP often cite Switzerland as an example to be followed, that is a country where privatisation has gone so far you can’t even get your bins emptied without placing a stamp on your waste! It is also a country where there is a flat tax rate, you pay the same percentage of earnings in tax whether you earn £20,000 or £200,000, something UKIP has previously indicated support for by saying a flat tax rate of 33% would be “fairer to all” as opposed to the current 20% for low earners and 45% for high earners (still one of the lowest top tax rates in Europe btw!) Put simply they want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. So this is what UKIP wants, but how do they intend to get it? They are not in a position to win a general election yet, so what are they going to do to achieve their goal of a right wing utopia? The answer is simple. We have now entered into the era of coalition governments with the formation of the current con-dem coalition in 2010 and UKIP see this as their way in. They simply hope to gain enough seats in 2015 to hold the balance of power when the general election inevitably delivers another hung parliament and force the Tories into a coalition. The cost of this coalition will most likely be an in/out referendum on Europe and some other UKIP manifesto promises, such as action on immigration and the lowering of high end taxes (top bracket income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax) aimed at making Farage’s rich banker friends even richer. While the working classes will continue to be forced to pay for the economic crisis, caused by these very same bankers, through yet more crippling austerity. UKIP are a plague on British politics, they offer nothing to the average working man and even less to the young. They must be stopped! But how?

That one is easy, campaign against them. Tell your friends, relatives, workmates, neighbours what they really are. Tell anyone that will listen to you that UKIP are just the extreme form of the Tories, more racist, more homophobic, more class based and more abhorrent in every way. If you want to go further than this then tear down their posters, vandalise their billboards, find their members homes and take a protest to their front door! Stop them by any means necessary, take any action you like. Just don’t take none. We gave these creatures a voice, and only we can take that voice away. We must consign UKIP to the dustbin of history where their dark age views belong, once and for all. If we don’t do this we face a generation of struggle unlike anything seen in Britain before…

anti ukip

The revolution lies in the youth.

Britain today faces a political crisis, and I don’t mean the successive corrupt governments. I refer to the crisis of apathy that is plaguing the country. Turnout in elections across the land are at pitiful levels and are getting worse all the time. This is being fuelled by a younger generation that has seen nothing but corruption and greed in its life time. Ask the average person under 25 anything at all related to government and they’ll most likely tell you that all politicians are the same corrupt breed and that whoever he votes for it will make no difference therefore they pay no attention to politics and have no interest in voting at all. They cannot identify with the parliamentary system, they don’t know how it does anything to help them and they want no part in it. They are right to think this way. This tory government has trebled tuition fees, cut housing benefits for under 25’s and presided over the worst youth unemployment crisis in a generation. So the attitudes of the young towards politics are thoroughly understandable, but are they right to say that they are not politically minded? I would have to argue not. The young have no faith in the system, but when their rights are attacked they are the first to stand up and fight back. Look at the student riots of 2010, days and days of public disorder across the country aimed at opposing the tory attacks on their education system. As recently as November 2014 the students movement is still fighting, with the no fees march in London descending into; scuffles with the police, an attempted attack on the tory party headquarters, vandalism of tax dodging businesses like starbucks and a mass breach of police lines to occupy parliament square. Look also at the occupy movement in Britain, the majority of people involved in the original occupations were students and disillusioned under 25’s and many of the buildings occupied were universities. Are these the actions of a truly apathetic generation? The youth of Britain does care, it cares greatly, but it has no faith in any government to right the wrongs in the land. They call the entire system corrupt and they feel they must take direct action themselves if they are to be heard and have any success. There is a name for such belief’s, Anarchism! The majority of this generation may not realise it yet but they hold a world view that is closely aligned with the belief’s of anarchists. Also perhaps the only large scale political movement that today’s younger generation hold in any regard is the internet group Anonymous, who are an overtly anarchist group fighting for personal freedom and liberty across the globe. The youth of Britain today has had its future sold to pay for the economic crisis of the rich and it is starting to feel the strain. The 2010 student riots, the occupy movement, the rise of anonymous and indeed the 2012 riots (the majority prosecuted were under 25). These are just warnings as to what this generation could do if it wakes up and decides enough is enough. There is an appetite for change, but as yet there is no common banner under which it can be fought for. The current “revolutionary” groups in the UK today are all socialist or communist in ideology, banners this generation will not stand with as years of media bias and propaganda have made these ideologies dirty words. But anarchism could be the banner to unite the individuals who want change. The young believe in anonymous, they believe in occupy, they believe in direct action, they believe… And that is a dangerous thing for this and any successive government. The annual million mask march held by anonymous on November 5th attracted only a couple of hundred people in its first year, 2013. In 2014 it attracted 10’s of thousands and spread to many cities. In 2015 that number could well be 100’s of thousands, in dozens of cities. All driven by the anger of youth. This could be the tipping point, or any attack from the government could bring them out onto the streets at any time. The anger is there. All that is needed to spark a revolution is for the young to turn their apathy, into anarchy!

Student riots